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The Birth of A New Humanity

This is an amazing time we are living.  So many thing happening and changing and perhaps we don’t see these things but we feel them.  This is a wonderful time of awakening of coming back into our power in a more magnificent way than we ever have before.  It all starts with each of us.  Going with in, to those silent, powerful space in our hearts.  Remembering the quantum creators that we are and visualizing the person we want to be, the world we want to live in. 

There are movements around coming to awareness.  I invite you now to take a look at this wonderful video trailer of one of these powerful movements called 2012 Birth.  I also invite you to join the world in meditation at 12:00 noon everyday. The link to this meditation invitation is Daily World Meditation.  We are so powerful and create the most change in ourselves and the world when we come together and focus in at the same time. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  In Joy!

Daily World Meditation


Our Ascended Masters through the channel named Sheldon Nidle have requested of us on June26, 2012, that we take the action of organizing a daily meditation on a global basis. This blogspot is dedicated to providing the basic information relating to initiating and continuing that daily meditation.

The purpose of this daily meditation is to demonstrate the intention to create a dynamic balance of the cosmic energies that are currently saturating the Earth as well as the entire solar system and beyond. Participation in these meditations, therefore, is a form of service. This service is voluntary.  The expectation is that the meditations will begin with a few individuals in each time zone and that the number of participants will increase on a daily basis.

Our Ascended Masters made a specific request concerning these meditations. They did not specify a particular format, on the one hand. They did however specify that this meditation have the effect of creating an ongoing flow of balanced and harmonious energy across the planet. The best way that
we know for us to achieve this effect is for us to choose a particular time of day at which time the meditation will occur in each time zone. The time of day that we have chosen is a classical time of prayer in several of the world religions, namely, noon or mid-day: 12:00 PM, in each particular time zone across the planet.

This will have the effect of producing a ‘rolling’ field of sacred, harmonious, balanced energy across the planet on a continual basis. The expectation too is that this flowing and stabilized energy field will grow and increase with each passing day. This is the intervention of choice provided to us by our Ascended
Masters and Archangelic guides and overseers to produce an environment in which dualistic thinking and acting is first dissolved and then transcended.

Our lesson that we can expect to learn through our participation in this daily world meditation is the power of positive, balanced energy to rid the planet of the remaining dark energies. We too will learn the authority and fulfillment of joint and unified action.

The meditation is designed to occur each day of the week with the exception of Sunday. On Sunday we are invited and requested to utilize the meditation provided by Cobra. Cobra’s meditation specifies a different time in each time zone to achieve the purpose of maximizing the global participation taking place at the same moment. Our meditation augments Cobra’s meditation in that it creates an environment throughout the week into which Cobra’s meditation fits.

Again our desire is to synchronize with Cobra’s meditation. We achieve this harmonization and synchronization through the practice of the daily world mediation on the week days. Sunday is then reserved for Cobra’s meditation with its specified and clearly defined practice.

The daily mediation then serves to honor the Mother of All Life and the Father of All Life. Our purpose is to achieve within each individual practitioner and then the collective of practitioners the balance of these Mother Father energies within our hearts. When this dynamic balance is achieved in our hearts the shadowy structures of energy that we know as ‘darkness’ are then absorbed by the Light. This Light is sourced by and as the perfect Divine Love that the Mother of All Life and the Father of All Life have for Each Other. These Two Sacred Beings are the Creators and Sustainers of our Universe.

Inner Space



Our inner realms…what a wondrous place.


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What ‘inner space’ means in the context of this discussion is the fullness of your awareness that, when taken as a whole, constitutes your way of being in the world. It is from this ‘inner space’ then that you interface with your ‘self’ and all other beings in your world.  This inner space has an overall tone and feeling.  For some this space is quite immense.  For others it may be very still and quiet or subdued.  For others it may be very guarded.  For some this inner space is full of adventure.  In each and every case, perhaps without conscious intention, this inner space has been assiduously cultivated over the course of one’s life.

It is into this inner space that we bring all our new experiences and realizations.  These new experiences take their place alongside all the other experiences one has had during one’s life.  In the sum these experiences shape and define us.  Those we have already had set the stage and define how and what we might experience next in our lives.  Certain experiences prepare our inner space in ways that may hinder us in our search for new meaning.  Other experiences propel us to new heights of awareness and integration.

For each one of us this individual inner space is also determined and defined by cues from our environment and our culture.  We are shaped by our environments and we are also perhaps unknowingly bound by our cultures.  Many of us become so intent upon excelling or succeeding within our environment and culture that we barely have the time and energy to measure whether our endeavors are fulfilling that which is the best and brightest about ourselves.


At this very time in our communal life together a concatenation of events and circumstances has occurred that allow us the opportunity to pause from our cultural pursuits to reflect about the road ahead.  There is a growing awareness across the various sectors of our society and throughout the disparate hierarchies of our culture that a very deep and pervasive change is underway.  The cultural edifices that have appeared heretofore to be comforting in their solidity are proving to be deteriorating and collapsing from within.

From another perspective however these institutions have outlived their purposes.  They have gone from assisting us in the living of shared lives to being constraints that trap and ensnare the growing passion for freedom and sovereignty that is arising spontaneously among the masses of humanity across the entire spectrum of cultures throughout the world.  These masses of people are expanding their inner space, as individuals and collectives, in demanding more room for their own freedom of self-expression.

Simultaneously humanity is expanding its perspective as a species.  At the forefront of this particular expression and expansion of humanity’s inner space are those humans who now count themselves as citizens of the galaxy we know as the Milky Way.  In this regard humanity has outgrown its understanding of itself as being doomed to imprisonment on a ‘prison planet’.  In various and sundry ways then human beings are taking it upon themselves to expand their inner spaces.

This expansiveness is as fortuitous as it is timely.  This expansiveness brings an abrupt halt to the notion that we Earth humans are alone in the Universe.  This belief is at the base of Earth’s being the prison planet that it has been for ours and Earth’s other species.  In the context of this extreme isolation mayhem has gone unchecked while compassion and human kindness are frequently seen as weakness or recklessness.  That day for Earth has now passed.

As a species we are now being brought into our new role as galactic citizens.  With this new role comes a marvelous extension and expansion of inner space into realms quite beyond any that we have imagined ourselves inheriting or occupying.  While it is true that we are just now at the beginning of this new adventure, it is also true that we have in our star sisters and brothers, in our own Ascended Masters and in other groups of celestial’s highly beneficent guides, teachers and way showers.  They await our individual and collective invitation in order that they can share with us their knowledge, their wisdom and their advanced technologies.

We have been greatly misinformed about the intention and the very presence of these unseen beings.  The human mind lacks the capacity to discern the intention of these beings.  The human heart however can know and does know instantaneously that these beings wait in the wings to assist us.  Their respect for our free will is absolute.  Their request is that we invite them to assist us and that we do this sooner than later.

Given their high purpose however they will wait until invited.  Check-in with your heart to see whether now is the time for you to offer them your invitation.  Should you decide in the affirmative that now is the time be assured that you will be surprised, delighted and vindicated that you made your decision to invite them at this time.

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