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Living in the intentional/co-housing community Songaia, is a healing, magical, and absolutely rewarding experience.  Especially seeing it through the fresh eyes of the garden interns.  Right now we have three wonderful interns, Laura, Caroline, and Maddy.  Part of the internship is to write a blog a week.  This is one of the really insightful blog posts from Laura. Check out the original posting and other intern blogs at http://www.songaia.com/1/post/2013/07/week-four-more-important-than-a-work-log.html In joy! – Lightignite

WEEK FOUR – More Important Than a Work Log
07/21/20130 Comments

by Laura Johnson, 2013 Summer Intern
This is more of a reflection on the community that we’ve been exposed to, over the day by day workings of the garden.

I think that as we fall into patterns, we’re less distracted and get to see the transformations that happen once we’ve been exposed to a series of new ideas and practices. When myself and Caroline first drove up to Songaia, we had no expectations, we had no clue what intentional communities consisted of, or what it really meant to live in community. Being here for a full month, I feel like we are coming into a fairly new role here, and it has been such a blessing.

As usual, it’s not the big things that have made the biggest impact. It’s the things like two friends having a disagreement, a third friend becomes a moderator, and the problem is solved with minimum issues and everyone walks away content. It’s been seeing someone have a vision and a passion, learning about it, and teaching others and making plans to actually do something. I cannot put into words exactly how this is different than home or my friends, but it is.
There is a group understanding that everyone is human, and that, yes, everyone will annoy you at times, but that the big picture is far beyond what disagreement form amongst each other. I know that this might seem obvious to many people, especially people at Songaia, but it is a more-refreshing-than-fresh-picked-cilantro idea to see lived out in a group of moderate size.
It’s been so amazing getting to be involved in this community; I can’t believe that it’s half-gone and so excited that it’s only half-begun!

Thank you!

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