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The Invitation by Dorothy Hunt

I received this from a friend today and I thought others would enjoy it too.  In joy!

The Invitation

When God comes in your house

it is only by your invitation,

but even your invitation is God’s,

for she has always been

landlady and tenant,

windows and walls,

the fire in your hearth

and the cold wind blowing at your door.

At first, her visits seem so welcome.

She brings tea and cookies and loves you

so sweetly inside your own heart.

You keep inviting her back

by your prayers and meditations,

imagining you’ve found the one you always wanted

who will hold you on her endless lap

and take away your pain forever.


But pretty soon, she starts arriving

unexpectedly, at odd hours of the day and night,

and every time she comes,

she takes something away –

a pretty picture here, a bookcase there,

maybe even some trash

you are happy to be rid of

in your basement.

But at some point, it occurs to you

she intends to move in completely.

And now the mind starts backing up:

“Perhaps you could come back another day,

after I’ve worked on my house,

after I’ve bought nicer furniture,

after I’ve finished my fight with evil,

after I’ve planted a peace garden.”

But you must know

that if you invite God in,

sooner or later she will set up house,

and when she does, beware;

for she tosses out every single thing

she does not need, which,

in the case of the personality,

is every single thing you thought you were.

Every thought and cherished belief

she just throws out on the garbage heap;

and that might be fine if she replaced them,

but she never replaces those sacred thoughts;

she utterly destroys them. She strips the coverings

off the walls, and peels the paper from the window glass,

opens the doors to invite in the wind,

and every creature you wanted kept out.

Sometimes she cleans you house gently,

dismantling it room by room.

But often, she just comes in with a torch,

and you feel in your gut the fire burn

in the center of our separate comfort,

and you watch the contents of your house

melt and turn to ash,

and the roof blow off.

And just when you think

there is nothing more that she could take,

she opens the ground beneath

the barely intact shell of your house,

and all the levels of your being

fall into the space that has no name,

and you are left alone in all the world,

without a map, without a path, without a point of view.


And you know you are creator of your dreams,

your dreams of mountains and rivers,

calm seas and storm clouds,

crashes of lightning and spacecraft,

beautiful babies asleep at the breast,

joyful dancing and puppies at play,

Spring’s new blossoms,

and the threat of Winter’s war.

And at this point,

what you are inside your house

is simply What is looking out.

Nothing’s left but what is looking,

yet everything you see is you.

Your body is the world of being

looking out of just What Is.

And strange as it seems

to the mind of your memory,

you enjoy each dance of yourself,

even the pains you hoped to be rid of,

you experience fully without regret,

for everywhere your eye may look,

all it sees is infinite love

displaying itself in creation.

And just to be completely honest,

there are times you might be tempted

to rebuild your house of concepts,

for the mind just loves to think;

but the fire of Truth resides within you,

where it always lived before you knew,

and it keeps revealing moment to moment

what is false and what is true.

So what can be said about what happens

when God takes over her house?

She laughs and simply sips her tea,

washes her dishes and sleeps when it’s time,

then goes to find another house

where there has been an invitation,

an invitation to come in

from the deep, deep love of Herself.


– Dorothy Hunt


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