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Earthing Documentary called “Grounded”

I post this for people who are seeking true health and wellness and to return to Mother Earth and the true nature of who we are. In Joy!

The Reality of Reality

Recently I have been posting examples of free energy devices.  I got one response today claiming that we can not go out side the laws of physics and that is exactly what these devices are doing.

What do I have to say to this? 

Who says we have to adhere to the laws of physics?  Who says there isn’t something more than these limiting laws?  What about quantum physics the next step in the study of physics?

Until we can embrace an abundance based reality, we will continue to limit what is possible.  We are headed for a reality of abundance.  We are creating it every time we let go of old limiting beliefs that no longer serve us and step into the unknown of infinite possibilities. 

May we all step into the unknown so that we can experience the wonder of what can be.  In joy.

Australian Engineers Unveil “Free Energy Machine” Lutec 1000

Through December and into the new year we experienced a huge influx of light and consciousness raising energy some consciously and some unconsciously. These energetic events haven’t necessarily changed the outside world yet. It is our internal worlds that are changing and in turn will change our outer perspectives that will most definitely change the outer world for the better. As the inner world changes for each of us and we begin to connect more and more to our SELF we experience courage. That is what we have been seeing. People experiencing courage to do what others in the past have been persecuted and sometimes even killed for because they know that what they are doing will be for the benefit of all humanity and they also know that the illusion is disappearing. This post is an example. Anything and everything is possible. We have been taught and have believed in limitation and lack. We no longer have to believe in thoughts and beliefs that limits us. May we all step into the unknown and experience infinite possibility. There is no thing to fear. We are all in this together. In joy!

Australian Engineers Unveil “Free Energy Machine” Lutec 1000 from UFO-Blogger

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