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Watch “[OPPT: Your Ticket to BE] “Time to Choose”” on YouTube

Knowing the Truth of What Has Happened and What Is Happening, Allows Us to Be Aware of Our Choices.

So much has happened in the last thirteen years.  Events and experiences that were unexpected, powerful, and wondrous and with each year, events and experiences accelerating. 

A miracle occurred this holiday season with the release/disclosure of the One Peoples Public Trust.  A means with in the system to declare our rightful sovereignty.  This announcement brought up in us celebration, skepticism, denial, and even anger.  True there is a load of disinformation on the internet.  How are we to know the truth?  The only way I know is to run it through my own inner discernment.  Does it resonate whole heartily?   And for goodness sack, this resonates whole heartily. 

Over the years, I have learned that I cannot convince anyone of my own inner truth.  Knowing this, I still find it hard.  My husband shared the One Peoples Trust with a good friend of ours who we believed would get it and he didn’t.  A person who would have believed it when he was a young man, is now cynical because of believed let downs of the past.  It is like a blog post I read last night from Removing the Shackles that gives examples of how some react to freedom.  Reading it, I am brought back to when I was little and I would pretend that my closet was a secret door way to a beautiful world and I couldn’t tell anyone about it because they wouldn’t believe.

And then I am reminded of something else I have come to understand/remember over the past couple of years,  when I am able to change myself, others around me change as well.  It has been amazing to witness. 

A lot of info about this illusionary world we have lived in for so long, is being disclosed everyday and so much more will be released very soon and in that space we will be given the opportunity to become aware of our choices, as we are given the opportunity always in the now moment.

Is This Our Nature?

Let us be our true nature.  We have the power. We are the ones we have been waiting for. 




A practice for remaining conscious and aware constantly in the now moment aided by the act of forgiveness.  Forgiveness of ones self.




Yes, we have a choice. We can live in fear or live in joy. We can see reality as friendly or hostile. I choose to live from the heart and in doing that I am liberated.

Please click on CHOICE to read this wonderful blog on choice written by a dear friend of mine.


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