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The One People 29/30 July 2013 07/29 by 5D Media Network | Education Podcasts

The One People 29/30 July 2013 07/29 by 5D Media Network | Education Podcasts.

The One People 22/23 July 2013 – Ginger’s Show Notes & Comments

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The One People 22/23 July 2013 – Ginger’s Show Notes & Comments
Posted on 2013/07/22 by kauilapele

Host: Lisa, Bob, Chris, Brian
Special Guests: Caleb Skinner, Kiri

[show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thecollectiveimagination/2013/07/23/the-one-people]

“Events are stacking up . . . “ and I highly recommend listening to this show, as I cannot adequately take notes (nor transcribers transcribe) of the frequencies of real passion . . . combined very significant information imparted by both Caleb and Kiri. Also the comments made by the hosts are very important to hear.

Starting with Kiri’s case in New Zealand . . . Kiri has a very good chance of winning her case that has turned into exposing the corporation police, banks and court systems . . . that could end up happily re-purposing them all. This is because Kiri clearly understands who she really is, and despite her being harassed, physically abused with bruises on her wrists and stripped searched naked . . . she is calmly and firmly standing her ground at all times. And Chris noted how this case being so exposed by us will quickly become a serious marketing problem for that NZ bank now . . . so please help keep this case going viral globally . . . and Brian Kelly blog will post the latest updates from Kiri, with copies of all her work (most recent links below).

Caleb comes on show (about 41 mins) and shares all that has been happening . . . with Project XIII and where things are now . . .

– The Windows app will be in Windows Stores by mid to late week
– With iPhone app to shortly follow
– The Desktop will be available within 3-6 weeks, depending on lots of things

Please take the notes, that you will need for getting started!
And again here is Project XIII website – http://www.projectxiii.com/

Kiri comes on show (about 1hr 17mins) . . . and is absolutely stunning! . . . she has clearly breached the peace of the corporation down Kiwi way! Do not miss listening this breaking unfolding story!
She is deeply committed to using this case to repurpose the whole system into something that actually works for all the people of the planet!

She highly recommends this resource by Lady Mary Croft and her free ebook called “HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN“ But she strongly suggests one never attempts what she has, unless . . . they really know who they are . . . and are ready to stand their ground calmly and peacefully.

Kiri from New Zealand Deposited 15 Million Units of her Value Into Her Local Bank
Update on Kiri, Summary of All Info, Links and Heather’s Briefing
Kiri’s Words in Hawera Court House NZ, 7.23.13
Kiri’s Big Stand in Court – This is What Standing Your Ground Looks Like
Kiri deeply thanks all those supporting her!

Hosts outline what is going on with Graham in Australia now (about 1hr 23mins), and asks for everyone’s support, as he is now being held in a Grafton jail . . . and to start asking the questions . . . Why is he being held? Is he a political prisoner? Phone: 61(02) 6642 0340 . . . letting them know we are watching this now.

We are presenting an opportunity for the old corporate police, banks and court systems to repurpose themselves . . . they do have a choice.

For tomorrow’s show – The Collective Imagination (2pm HST/5pm PST) – among the many topics will be . . . how can we peacefully non-comply?


Revised: Kiri’s Big Stand in Court — This is What Standing Your Ground Looks Like

This is absolutely amazing! I feel so privileged to be aware of such brilliance. So much absolute heart felt love to Kiri! This is what standing in our absolute authority looks like. So Be it! – lightignite

reposted from http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.com/2013/07/revised-kiris-big-stand-in-court-this.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+RemovingTheShackles+%28Removing+The+Shackles%29


I haven’t had a chance to talk to Kiri yet this morning- and most likely it will be my evening before I do (I do NOT consent to Time Zones any more !! grrr).  This is the update that Brian posted this morning (my time, lol, last night his time).


Revised: Kiri’s Big Stand in Court — This is What Standing Your Ground Looks Like


Kiri’s Big Stand in Court…
July 22, 2013

I added a few notes thanks to the guys over at the Stillness in the Storm blog ~BK

Anyone who has been following this breaking story has been on pins and needles to find out what happened to Kiri in court today. Well, let’s just say the hosts of The One People show tonight were not expecting to hear from her live on the air to tell her story. All I can say is; unbelievable. Rare is the day we encounter a woman with the kind of courage and mental fortitude which Kiri so gracefully exhibited in court this morning. To be standing in front of a judge for charges of fraud only to leave an entire court house stunned and wondering what hit them is a feat most souls only dream about; but not Kiri. This brave woman was sent here as a walking illustration of what we can accomplish when we, “know who we are,” as she so eloquently puts it. There will be much more on this story in the days and weeks to come, so for now I share with you all the audio of tonight’s call along with the document she read inside the court house. I must warn you, the content you are about to read and hear is quite empowering. If you are not ready for this nuclear sized burst of energy, I suggest discontinuing this story now and go watch FOX News instead 😉 ~BK

If you are just picking up on this story now, here’s some background info:


…and the show from tonight. Kiri comes in at about the 76 minute mark:


This is what Kiri read right at the beginning of her hearing:

“The courts have ruled that the ONLY authority held by the government is authority that was delegated by, “We the people”. The courts have also said that, “We the people” have all of the rights of the king. Therefore, we are all kings and queens”

BE IT KNOWN that all persons claiming professional association with the existing court system also including ministers, police, bailiffs, magistrates, judges, registrars and deputy registrars and other court officers and employees and all other agents and prosecutors (from now referred to as INOR,( in need of redemption) from varying other sources within the New Zealand company structure and substructure are herewith noticed to stop and to recuse themselves immediately in all and any further action and involvements and relating to their respective positions. 
You could face charges in a common law court and in a trail by jury for treason or high treason for the past and present involvement in undue process of justice and perversion of justice by fraud, contempt, trespass, sedition and any unauthorized administration of Estates (or trusts) or persons without authority of delegation from any executor offices, abandonment of their oaths of office as public servants and for impersonation of positions held under your oaths taken when as a matter of fact being engaged in commercial, revenue generating enterprise contrary to the position supposed to have held.

We the people could agree to appoint a transitional chief administrator who could take over the keys or other means of access to the buildings to coordinate the conversion of the existing buildings and administration of record keeping back to their original purpose of administering real justice.

All records and all chattels would have to remain onsite and full access to the chief administrator or people appointed by the chief administrator would be provided from that day forward to commence a review and full audit of the previous court activities and level of involvement of all INOR in treasonous behavior and any other crime committed against the people.

BE IT KNOWN to all women and men that this land is a common law jurisdiction and that all lawful courts are common law courts where free men can exercise their inalienable right to trial by jury. 

Is it not true that all court buildings are standing on the land of the people, the internal sovereign heads making up the one and only true crown, and being the land granted for the purpose of administering justice by the rule of law, and being land without certificate of title or sales and purchase agreement, which would define ownership? Is it not true that the original grant given to occupy the land the court building stands on was to facilitate justice as public service providers and as public servants and the servants to the people could one day be revoked by the internal sovereign heads, the people, who could authorise and execute a notice of this nature. 
Is it not true that any officer of any court, and any government official also including New Zealand police who have attempted to compel or compelled one of “the people”, into their foreign corporate commercial jurisdiction by accusing them of being a “person” has perjured their oaths, and were engaging in TREASON, and SEDITION, and they have no immunity whatsoever, because all officers of all courts are presumed to know the law?

Is it not true that no government official who represents ANYTHING about NEW ZEALAND has any authority whatsoever over “the people”, and the minute he or she attempts to assert any such authority, he or she immediately perjures his oaths, engages in TREASON (breach of trust) and is engaged in SEDITION, because he or she is making war against the established government which is “the people”, and he or she immediately loses all immunity he or she might otherwise enjoy?

Is it not true that it is essential to the preservation of truth, justice and freedom to affirm oneself to the right to trial by jury and that any denial of this right by anyone constitutes treason against the man and woman standing on the land. No parliament (part of management committee) of the New Zealand company can legislate to abolish or diminish this right protecting life, liberty and property in a common law jurisdiction and have no standing as sovereign crown and never had such a standing as sovereignty was never ceded to the New Zealand company by the man and woman on the land? 

Is it not true that it is the duty and responsibility of jurors only to judge the facts and law presented to them, so that they can administer Justice to all parties in any action?

Is it not true that unless a court obtained the clear, written, witnessed and unequivocal consent of all parties with full disclosure given and full understanding of definitions and interpretations of all words used, in plain English, and without duress applied or threats being made or tricked or deceived, to be without a jury? Is it not true that any court without such consent been given has and never had jurisdiction to proceed summarily and any such awards, doings and proceedings shall be held to be null and void and any cases (constructive trusts) to be corrected now and recorded accordingly including the release of all parties unlawfully charged and held, to be now released from any order which was given via a magistrate, adjudicator, judge, deputy registrar or registrar acting under the summary proceedings without such proof of claim of consent?

Is it not true that there cannot be any trust or confidence in the process INOR has engaged in and all persons involved hold full personal and commercial unlimited liabilities?

Perhaps very soon INOR will have to vacate the buildings and land and be recused from engagement from the presently existing court system?”

– Kiri Campbell

Notes from: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2013/07/kiris-day-in-court-no-offers-to.html

Kiri’s Court Appearance

The following was taken from the One People 22/23 show.

At the end of this interview it is not clear whether Kiri will be required to appear in Court again or what the final status of her 15,000,000 in value is. Updates will undoubtedly occur. Here is the narrative of her experience scribed from her own words:

Kiri’s name was called and she reasserted her position that she was not going to contract with anyone she did not know. The Court has not proved to Kiri who they are and where they get their authority.

Kiri stated that she rejected this offer and to contract because it was incomplete and asked the Court if there are any objections; the Court did not respond.

Kiri began executing a “NOTICE TO COURTS AND AGENTS” which was a statement written by her. This was a very powerful statement (Posted below). This was a notice she had used in the past which the Court may have been familiar with.

Kiri was told to “stand in silence.”

During the execution of the notice an officer walked up to her and said “shut up!”

Kiri ignored them and continued to execute the notice to completion.

Kiri said “the notice was received and accepted.”

Kiri was then “arrested” again or kidnapped from the Court house.

Kiri was accosted by 2 men and a women reporting to be police officers who never gave their real names.

As a result of reading the notice she was charged with “Breach of the Peace.”

Kiri was constantly being made “offers” to contract which she repeatedly refused by stating she did not consent to what was happening to her.

The 3 Police offers attempted to hand cuff Kiri and she alluded to the fact they were not able to.
Kiri was forced into a vehicle and eventually handcuffed by “dislocating her thumb.” She was incarcerated again, searched to her “bare skin” chained to a wall and was covered in bruises because of the ordeal.
Kiri was introduced to a Juris Solicitor that was going to broker some type of arrangement for her release; [more court fraud a slavery].

During the interview, Kiri kept having to make corrections to the statements her Solicitor was drafting. Obvious tampering was happening and Kiri rejected each draft eventually causing the Solicitor to leave, flustered. Kiri did not want her words to minced in any way, shape or fashion and rejected the Solicitors representation on her behalf.

Kiri was brought back in to Court and said “where do you want me, you are all dangerous and are armed, where do you want me?” She continued to state her non-consent and that she needed them to act in full disclosure.

Kiri asked the court to clarify “are you referring to my legal name or my given name.” [given name is for example, Justin of the House Deschamps]

The Court was outraged and kept trying to get Kiri to accept her PERSON. [JUSTIN DESCHAMPS – the corporate fiction]

The Court room was cleared of all people except the lawful jury of her peers; her representation.

The Court was not able to secure a contract with Kiri and she was moved to sign a police bail in another room.

Kiri read and amended the paper work to accurately reflect what happened, removing references to people and roles that did not exist; scratching out witness because there was no witness.

Kiri signed ‘under duress’ and ‘WITHOUT PREJUDICE’ where ever it was required and try to leave wile they were attempting to force her into coming back for another hearing. She also wrote no contract on the documents.
The Court finally produced an envelope with the words “full disclosure” written across them and stating Kiri had what she needed.

Kiri opened the envelope to reveal a “stack of documents” and in turn, still refused their offer to contract. Kiri walked back in to Court and wrote refused their final offer in writing one last time.

Kiri decides to go home and have Tea with her family.

TSB Bank Contacts Kiri

Kiri received a letter from TSB stating “please accepted this as proof your accounts are closed with TSB.”

TSB Bank enclosed a Photo Copy of the negotiable instrument (the check from a closed bank account in Kiri’s name) and check for ~ 1600 New Zealand Dollars. The copy came with a cover letter saying the accounts were “unsound.”

Kiri Intends to send the check back using a deposit slip to the TSB Bank, in addition to all the documents she received today from the courts with “no contract” stamped over the top of it.

Kiri says one of her inspirations was Mary Elizabeth: Croft and her Book HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN pdf is available here: http://www.thecrowhouse.com/Documents/mary-book.pdf

Further Updates

Kiri had made a recording of the entire execution of Notice all the way up to her incarceration which hopefully will be online in the days ahead.

It is not clear at this time what can be done with TSB bank, however as a result of commercial remedies which Kiri can exercise she may be able to recover all of the value deposited, the 15,000,000 and damages.
More information will be made available as time goes on.

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Up Data on Kiri

Brian Kelly’s Blog

MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
RTS: Update on Kiri, Summary of All Info, Links and Heathers Briefing

Update on Kiri, Summary of All Info, Links and Heather’s Briefing
July 22, 2013

This is history in the making, ladies and gentlemen. In order to understand the contents of this blog post, I highly suggest going back and listening to the interview with Kiri. Tomorrow marks the day of her trial and the beginning of the end for banking as we now know it. Some may say such a statement is a bit extreme, delusional, wishful thinking, far fetched; fact of the matter is, it matters how its labeled. For everyone who knows whats happening here and the implications of this development, a more accurate description is that it is imminent. Let’s make sure this story gets spread far and wide so that all eyes are on New Zealand tomorrow! The time is NOW! ~BK

For a thorough breakdown of this story, check out this post.


This is a compendium of all the notes and links about Kiri’s Story, and an update with all the information that Heather has just sent to Kiri for her court case tomorrow. I’ve added my own notes here and there in blue.

Kiri is one of the most confident and amazing women I’ve had the privilege to talk to. If you’ve listened to the interview, you’ll understand.

From Heather this morning- a conversation on Skype (using my computer and account)

D.Breakingthesilence: (kindly) I notify all present that I do not consent to being here today and that I am here under duress and coercion against my will because you have threatened me with the use of force. I do not know who you are. (respectfully) I respectfully demand that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

your identification
your standing
your authority
identification of the law you are using
and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

(if I am threatened with purported contempt) “I respectfully waive the benefit of your contempt. I demand, again, that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

your identification
your standing
your authority
identification of the law you are using
and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

if they refuse or try to distract me to move on without them producing that documentation I have questioned: “Is it your intent to force me into involuntary servitude?”

I know who I am. Perhaps you do not know who you are, what your standing is, what authority you have, what law you are operating with or whether there is an accommodation agreement that I may have consciously signed. HOWEVER….perhaps you do know all that…and you are committing deceptive acts and practices in order to not have to produce that documentation…

I ask again and please consider carefully before you respond because you are held personally and commercially responsible and liable for every word and statement you issue…ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ME INTO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE?”

[12:40:23 PM] D Breakingthesilence: sorry…that is heather using d’s computer/handle with heather’s full responsibility and liability :*. Heather\

[12:43:03 PM] D Breakingthesilence: “I am here without my consent, against my will, under duress. I do not and have never contracted with anyone in this room or any entity that may be represented in this room and I cancel any and all presumptions that I have contracted with anyone in this room or associated with any entity that may be represented in this room”

[12:44:12 PM] D Breakingthesilence: until you know who is on the “play ground” trying to insert there nose in your business, there is no requirement/need to go into anything regarding a contract between you and another.

[12:44:55 PM] D Breakingthesilence: think of that “nose inserter” as wallmart or mcdonalds….what the hell do they have to do with a contract between me and my contracting partner? hhhhhmmmmm.


[12:48:52 PM] D Breakingthesilence: ANYTHING THEY SAY ORALLY IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING…WHATEVER THEY SAY….I RESPOND “that is great! produce that to me in a duly verified sworn declaration that declares the foregoing is true and correct …under what ever law you chose to identify!”

[12:50:11 PM] D Breakingthesilence: anything they say is blah blah blah until they put it in writing in duly verified sworn declaration….that is legally and commercially binding…blah blah blah is not.

[12:54:21 PM] D Breakingthesilence: (smoking)

[12:54:25 PM] D Breakingthesilence: brb

[12:59:02 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I am heather ann tucci-jarraf, eternal essence inbodied July 30, 1972!

[12:59:40 PM] D Breakingthesilence: let’s play!

[1:00:05 PM] D Breakingthesilence: without prejudice

[1:00:41 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i now relinquish full operation of this skype handle back to D! ;)(chuckle)

[1:11:55 PM] D Breakingthesilence: i commandeered her handle for one more moment (heart)…actually D consents to my use of it

[1:18:16 PM] D Breakingthesilence: there are four things that I am conscious of when I walk into any place:
1. I am conscious of who I am
2. that I operate with full responsibility and liability under common law
3. I don’t know who they are
4. there is a possibility that presumptions of contract may have been made without my conscious consent

I cancel any presumptions of contract…”I cancel any presumptions of contract or agreement that may exist”


[12:39:45 PM] D Breakingthesilence: (kindly) I notify all present that I do not consent to being here today and that I am here under duress and coercion against my will because you have threatened me with the use of force. I do not know who you are. (respectfully) I respectfully demand that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

your identification
your standing
your authority
identification of the law you are using
and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

(if I am threatened with purported contempt) “I respectfully waive the benefit of your contempt. I demand, again, that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

your identification
your standing
your authority
identification of the law you are using
and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf

if they refuse or try to distract me to move on without them producing that documentation I have questioned: “Is it your intent to force me into involuntary servitude?”

I know who I am. Perhaps you do not know who you are, what your standing is, what authority you have, what law you are operating with or whether there is an accommodation agreement that I may have consciously signed. HOWEVER….perhaps you do know all that…and you are committing deceptive acts and practices in order to not have to produce that documentation…(their incompetency vs. their actions to deceive….which is it?)

I ask again and please consider carefully before you respond because you are held personally and commercially responsible and liable for every word and statement you issue…ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ME INTO INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE?”

[1:27:58 PM] D Breakingthesilence: “I have had to demand this documentation four times and four times you have refused to produce it.

I demand this fifth and final time that you produce to me duly verified and sworn documentation of:

your identification
your standing
your authority
identification of the law you are using
and the original accommodation agreement with my knowing, willing, and intentional wet-ink signature that gives you authority to act, present, and represent on my behalf”
(this is a vital point that the courts and judges will understand completely, and it will blow their socks off if YOU state this!- D)


[1:43:43 PM] D Breakingthesilence: I once had a deputy sheriff called into a purported court room towards the end of the investigations…their attempt at a visible trigger to invoke an expected pattern of behavior…”fear and compliance”…I just remained respectful and calm…I went to sign the paperwork and signed it with my signature (as above for the most part) and as I was signing my signature he put one hand on his gun and with the other hand grabbed the document and “forcefully growled” that I was only to sign my name….

I stated that “I am signing this document with my signature…that my signature consists of any marking or writing that I intend to represent as me and be bound to as my signature representing me”. The purported judge’s bailiff (whom I was friends with) took the document from the sheriff to quiet things down and touched the paper the whole time I was signing…my way.

The next purported court hearing she handed me the document, no sheriff in sight, and told me to sign my signature…whatever I choose to be my signature :)….I giggled and said “wow, someone must have talked to you all about what signatures are and can be”…she winked and smiled. (heart)

[1:46:33 PM] D Breakingthesilence: keri….I am always respectful and calm….i have fun…(D says that I am masochistic sometimes torturing them with fun (chuckle) …if that is possible)…I am conscious of who I BE and I am conscious when I DO…with full responsibility and liability…if I make a perceived mistake…then I review it and choose whether to clean it up!

[1:46:53 PM] D Breakingthesilence: heather signing off for now! hugs and loves all ways. H

[1:48:56 PM] Lisa M Harrison: (heart)

[2:18:44 PM] Kiri Campbell: Respectful and calm (y)that. After all, it’s just business right? 😀 We are gonna have so much fun with them tomorrow. This could be the beginning of the repurposing here in NZ. 😉

[2:19:25 PM] American Kabuki: Go get em Kiri! I am in awe of what you are doing! 🙂

[2:19:49 PM] Kiri Campbell: Much love to everyone, thank you AK. (heart)

[2:27:27 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (bow)(heart) Kiri…I and many others are present with you tomorrow….even if you may not see us 😉

[2:30:12 PM] Kiri Campbell: Thank you Heather I (heart) and adore you so much. Hehe… I know 😉

[2:31:24 PM] HEATHER PEOPLES TRUST: (hug):*
after tomorrow…there is more fun….for you and your contracting partner…the bank (chuckle)….one fun at a time!

[2:31:56 PM] Kiri Campbell: (chuckle) So excited.

Message from Kiri:

Kiri Campbell
GOOD MORNING Family and Friends around the world, who know have their watchful eye on Little NZ. I am overwhelmed with the Love and support and kind gestures of each and every single one of you that has either sent me messages, offered to help financially, added me on Skype and facebook, sent CN our DOing and BEing is at an utmost high right NOW! To all the negative back lash, which is minor compared to the majority I thank you too for providing contrast and I return to you in LOVE. I have a few tasks at hand today 1). Invoices/CN need to be sent to Hawera Police station they can be faxed too (06) 278 0261 and addressed to Ivan Smith ( Who I have already sent a CN too), which his colleagues have breached. Sandy Shaw ( Good Cop bad cop), she can get a CN too Rebecca Dearling she can have one too, they have all breached the original CN I hand delivered and faxed. Lets send them 1 million invoices and CN’s that’s bound to get their attention. Also; Craig Vertongen the man acting as Court Security Officer who assaulted me, they day I was delivereing Foreclosure flyers. I served a CN on him also on the 11th of June which they are now in breach Hawera courthouse fax Fax: 06 278 2081


this was a BIG long post on the bank facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TSBBank

[6:01:04 PM] Carol MHVolk: Joe Bucks
Are you going to be the 1st Criminal Banksters that return to Lawful Banking?
Brian Kelly’s Blog: Kiri’s Deposits 15,000,000 of Value – Process Summary
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TSB Bank NZ Hi Joe, firstly apologies. Facebook had marked your post as spam. With regard to this situation, this is a matter for NZ’s legal system to determine.

Kiri did provide us with a ‘Letter of intent’ for our CEO when the cheque was presented however in o…See More
Like · Reply · 1 · Friday at 10:18pm · Edited
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Teresa Myhre Correction…Kiri did ALL this in complete Transparency!
Like · 3 · Friday at 11:03pm
Thomas Maddox Beks….It seems as though “some new” person flagged a lot of people today. What’s up. Trying to hide something?
Like · 2 · Friday at 11:31pm
Thomas Maddox Beks…millions of people have seen the receipt…it did include the deposit and available funds. Please accept the fact that the world is watching.
Like · 2 · Friday at 11:33pm
Kim Beckett Beks it’s time that you take a better look at Kiri”s paper work and find out what this is all about. There are thousands of us out here looking forward to that happening.
Like · 2 · Friday at 11:36pm
Grant Murray BOOM!
You ACCEPTED the deposit!
And now that admission is public!
(screenshot saved btw)
Furthermore, you accepted the deposit in ‘good faith’ – first time I’ve heard of a bank taking a deposit in ‘good faith’ – usually you have protocols…..
Like · 3 · Saturday at 12:02am
Joe Bucks WoW! A reply! Amazing!! Thank you!!! [even though you did not give your Titles]
I will assume you are not a “VP or above on a need to know basis.” I will also assume you were taught to do and think in a certain way to operate within your capacity at the Bank. So Please let me tell you some truth.
1st Letters of Intent are Private Law and a very powerful tool, did you rebut? If not it stands as Private Lawful Law between the Parties and can be turned into a collectible Commercial Bill

2nd Since Kiri used a closed Bank account she was operating in or like I like to call it, her Private Lawful capacity to use the Private side of her closed on the Public side Bank account. You must understand there are two sides to these account. There is much Data out there concerning Private Banking nowadays, I invite you to listen to some Winston Shrout to know more or just demand to know this knowledge from your CEO so you can protect yourself.

3rd This excellent Private deposit will clear or Kiri will have every Right to pursue her Private Lawful Remedies which are all in Commerce. This means 3 to 5 times the original amount for damages. [This is what Winston teaches and he gets a 3rd Party to collect for him. His favorite 3rd Party is the IRS Internal Revenue Service of the CORPORATION called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and as you may know they can collected anywhere in the World while the Agent collecting sips his morning coffee]
*side note by D: Heather has stated to me several times in the past few days that Winston Shrout and Frank O’connel (not sure of the spelling of Franks name, sorry!), are absolutely correct with their work in this area.

4th Kiri was Kidnapped NOT arrested in other words she was arrested Unlawfully and I can go into great detail about her Kidnapping and Authority and Consent to be governed and all of the other stuff I have learnt from the Law Movement as I call it; Thank GOD she had studied her Human Rights and Knows how not to contract with those alleged Police. I can go into great detail about this part of our human Rights too. I expect to hear about her Private Commercial Lien on those that Kidnapped her.
She will not even see Court and if she does it will be just to collect her cheque for Damages.

5th I’m thinking of the Best Person I know to teach you how Banking really works. This would be in my opinion Winston Shrout but he’s kind of long-winded so I refer you to the very smart Lady Mary Croft and her free ebook called “HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN” A Grand Lady and a great book on her Lawful doings in Commerce

6th I wish to thank you for your reply and to make sure you know the I never called you personally a “Criminal Bankster” unless of course, you know of the Fraud by these “Criminal Bankster” against all of Humankind which includes you and yours. Here’s Mary’s book

7th I’m on the land usually called Canada but I operate in my full capacity under full Commercial and Criminal Liability Worldwide. So as soon as your Bosses realize the scam is up I’ll sign up for an account and will deposit 50 million in funds to your Corporate Bank, that’s 5 Million profit for your Bank! [I hope you get a cut or bonus for bringing me in!] I like NZ and the People Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Bill Turner he’s from NZ and a great guy who’s been teaching Rights and our Remedies in Commerce.
Here’s one of Bill’s lectures about who you are. I hope one day we can do some Business soon!
Thanks again for replying, Enjoy!!!
Like · 3 · Saturday at 12:47am
TSB Bank NZ Hi Thomas, nothing to hide as you’ll see with this post. Kim, Grant & Thomas, in NZ, the term ‘accepting’ a deposit has a different meaning to ‘clearing’ a deposit, and simply refers to the receipt of a deposit to go through the usual bank clearance processing. There is an initial keying of a transaction to the account so it can be verified, which is done in good faith that the funds can be deposited, however as you’ll see in the ATM slip the funds are not actual until they become available. In this case they are not available funds. ~B
Like · Saturday at 12:50am
Kiri Campbell Bill Turner rocks guys. And so does Mary Croft.
Like · 4 · Saturday at 12:52am
Kiri Campbell Your usual process got thrown out the door, when ALL banks chose to Foreclose upon themselves. Now you are also admitting publicly that you are aiding and abetting. Including HSBC.
Like · 2 · Saturday at 1:21am
Kiri Campbell Foreclosed Entity you have no Laws only rules/policies. In fact you no longer have your rules either nor your policies. They are all made up. Stop handing us roundabout lies. Your stalling for more time. But it’s too late what’s done has been done and this will go down in world history. Way to go TSB, step up to the plate and honour us and in return we shall honor you. Your bank will be the first to pave the way for many banks. The whole world is watching now.
Unlike · 2 · Saturday at 1:26am
Kiri Campbell ALL eyes are on you
Like · 1 · Saturday at 1:27am
Kiri Campbell NZ owned, yes we are proud that TSB is NZ owned. But by who in NZ? Cos I did my homework and I see u have directors (lining their pockets), then you have allocated all the shares to TSB Community Trust. But then if you have a look at all the trustees of that community trust, just looks like you are now hiding under being a community owned trust. That will dish out a flash building now and then to appear like you are serving the community.
Like · 2 · Saturday at 1:33am
Jane Dunn Thank you to everyone for your comments here explaining how things are and especially to Kiri for the first challenge.
Like · Saturday at 6:31am
Write a reply…
AnokaShiva Fpa von Dreger Godzone’s own Kiri Campbell leading the way in and for
Like · Reply · 2 · Saturday at 1:25am
Brian Kelly Sorry TSB Bank….game over
Like · 55 minutes ago
Bob Wright By crediting the account although placed on hold for verification, you proved that funds are created by data entry on the spot…normally those self created funds are only available to the public through a loan contract which is fraud as in FACT no loan was made as the funds were created by ledger entry…so WHO in fact is comitting fraud. What constitutional right does the BANK have to create money??? THEY HAVE NONE! WE ARE THE CREDITORS as we always have been we each of our souls worth more than gold or silver of any price with or without you WE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO OUR VALUE. AND THE WORLD SHALL KNOW!!! Which side of history do you CHOOSE to be on TBS?
Like · 4 minutes ago

Links to Articles and interviews about Kiri’s now legendary deposit of $15million of her personal VALUE into a bank account:

note: These are just the main articles that were put out- that contained the video interview with Kiri, Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, and Brian Kelly, the Scribd documents that show the deposit slip and all letters and declarations, and original content…… there are about 200 cross links out there, in at least 12 different languages from multiple countries that have carried one or more of these articles…… in other words, to the banking executives at TSB, their now much smaller legal department, and the HSBC big wigs and all the rest of their ilk who are reading this (and we know you are, lol):











This is an email I received this morning from a man named Victor. Thought it was relevant and a great message so I share it here now:I posted a comment on your blog re the Kiri event, and I suppose I opted out when it came to verifying my google credentials. I won’t go there beyond saying we all have to divest ourselves of anything google or microsoft or whatever (I will be giving up my google mail account shortly).

I absolutely love what Kiri did, and the comment I was attempting to make was in response to what Nate said, which I immediately recognized as insightful.

TPTB will have to prove intent, and since she did her homework and provided all of the notice anyone could have expected, proving that she had criminal intent will be difficult. Why she decided to use checks from a closed account I can’t imagine, but that’s water over the damned dam. LOL

On the other hand, if their judicial system is only half as corrupt as the United States, they’ll just ignore the law and try to force her to plea bargain. I went through that in 1994 when I had them with their pants down, and now the One People’s movement is taking up where I left off. The difference is the support system. I had very little back then, but it didn’t stop me from going full tilt. That’s why I can so relate to Kiri and what she did. For me it was all about mot leaving my children the same corrupt system I was given.

I would love to see bar attorneys with the balls to come forward take up her case and let people see the judges threatening them with disbarment if they continue to push valid legal arguments that have every basis in law and fact, but would expose the system for what it is.

I wish her all the best, and I truly hope that the entire One People’s movement rallies behind her to move this into a place TPTB never dreamed could come about.

And 1/2 an hour into the interview with Kiri (you, Bob and Lisa), no way in hell they’ll ever prove intent, and I beg you to pass that on to her.

You don’t need to reply to this. Kiri is definitely guided, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was in the company of very powerful spiritual forces when she was arrested. It was no mere coincidence that her aunt (or whoever that was) came along to take her children at the point where she was being arrested. That was an affirmation from the world at large (ala Castaneda’s don Juan, if you will).

I can so relate to the fact that they tried to coerce her into responding with hostility, and she just remained in her space, meditating in her cell. I did all of that, and they couldn’t coerce me into putting my smile away, because I didn’t hold them responsible for what their programs dictated. I was stripped and searched and all of those things, and I never wavered from being who I am. This woman is a gift to the higher frequencies we are all intended to be invoking.

I have often said that I was among those who came as the first wave, and I am totally gobsmacked to realize that Kiri is among those for whom we were preparing the way, and there are yet more to come after us. This is a movement that cannot be stopped. I am totally impressed by Kiri, because I see myself back then in 1994, with three children, knowing I was going to be sentenced and wouldn’t see my children again in freedom for 28 months. I love her, and I love all of you, which I’ve said many times to D in the correspondence I’ve had with her.

We are One, and there is only The One. Kiri has to know what she represents, and that is the movement into our future, in the eternal Now Moment. She need have no fear. And I love her New Zealand accent and pronunciation. If you had any idea what I put TPTB through when I had practically no support (but what I had was awesome), you would understand how much I appreciate what Kiri had the energetic presence to do. If I can offer anything in support, please tell me.

And I truly am sorry to have been so moved by this event that I’ve taken so much of your email time. LOL

Much Love and Light,

Posted by Brian Kelly at 12:18 PM
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fotisbobolasJuly 22, 2013 at 2:15 PM
Amazing responses… everywhere! especially this last one… wow!!!
We’re all behind Kiri with all our hearts:-)


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The One People- Interview with Kiri from NZ 19th July 2013

Kiri of New Zealand deposited $15 million of her value into a bank. Hear her story of what led her to this place and the steps she took to make this deposit.

Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden

Der Spiegel: Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden;
Admits to Press: “America Has No Functioning Democracy”

President Jimmy Carter

This was posted at Brian Kelly’s Blog -AK


Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden; Admits to Press: “America Has No Functioning Democracy”
July 18, 2013

Found this in one of Germany’s biggest newspapers; Spiegel. Of course we won’t hear about Carter’s comments in any American Press. To say “America has no functioning Democracy,” is quite the statement by a former President.

A direct link to that article, using google translate, can be found here.
Ex-President Carter: “The invasion of privacy has gone too far”

The Obama administration tried to placate Europe’s anger over spying programs. Not as ex-President Jimmy Carter: The Democrat attacked the U.S. intelligence sharp. The disclosure by whistleblowers Snowden was “useful.”

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was in the wake of the NSA Spähskandals criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.

Previously, the Democrat had been very critical of the practices of U.S. intelligence. “I think the invasion of privacy has gone too far,” Carter told CNN. “And I think that is why the secrecy was excessive.”Overlooking the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said Carter, whose revelations were long “likely to be useful because they inform the public.”

Carter has repeatedly warned that the United States sharply declined due to excessive restriction of civil rights, their moral authority. Last year he wrote in an article in the “New York Times”, new U.S. laws “never before seen breach our privacy by the government” allowed the.

Carter was the 39th President of the United States, who ruled from 1977 until 1981. During his tenure, he tried to align U.S. foreign policy that is more about human rights – after his retirement from active politics for his humanitarian work, he received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize .

In Atlanta, he also expressed his overall pessimistic about the global situation. There is currently no reason for him to be optimistic, Carter said, referring to the situation in Egypt, which had fallen into a military dictatorship. He also lamented the growing political divide in the United States, the excessive influence of money in U.S. election campaigns and the confusing American election rules. The ex-president whose “Carter Center” operates worldwide including election monitoring, announced skeptical whether the United States, the standard that applies when reviewing the Center of elections might be fulfilled.

As a bright spot, however, Carter called the triumph of modern technology that would have caused some of the countries of the Arab Spring of democratic progress. Exactly these developments but are endangered by the NSA Spähskandal as major U.S. Internet platforms such as Google or Facebook lose credibility worldwide.
Posted by Brian Kelly at 9:49 AM 

Australian Magistrate Recognizes Courtesy Notices — Charges Dismssed

The Courtesy Notices from the OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust) are recognized and unrebutted all over the world. This is a powerful report of how a family in Australia had all charges and fines dismissed for their son because they stood ground and compassionately and firmly stated who they Be and asked that the court do the same (what gives them the jurisdiction/authority over a living being?) It’s about standing in unlimited, sovereign power.

Australian Magistrate Recognizes Courtesy Notices — Charges Dismissed

Australian Magistrate Recognizes Courtesy Notices — Charges Dismissed 
May 17, 2013
Big thanks to Bethany Truex for sharing this story on Facebook today. Awesome story! 🙂 ~BK

Congratulations Brian and Karolina, well done you have, opened the way for all Australians, you should go down in the history books

Rena Iliades
Courtesy Notices to every Councillor! So exciting. Basically the magistrate almost gets arrested and the court withdraws all charges when they realized that the invoices are legal and payable!

A friend of mine Carolyn & Brian Allen have been tackling an issue where the police seem to have it out for her son. To cut a long story short, he was being harassed by some Local boys who are really bad news (burglaries etc) and he and his friends had an altercation with them because they had stolen his car and then threatened him if he went to the police. As a result of the altercation, the police decided to harass and charge the most vulnerable being her son Brandon who is intellectually disadvantaged, arrested him a few weeks ago and then released him on bail. He also has outstanding fines.

Robert Fletcher helped complete a notice giving custody of Brandon (Carolyns Son) to Brian and Robert went to court for support and presentment (without Brandon). They handed courtesy notices to the Magistrate (the so called Judge who is really the registrar who was going to hear the matter), the police and everyone got Courtesy notices.

In the first hearing, the magistrate was asked in what capacity they act and to prove jurisdiction over Brandon as a living being. The magistrate refused to answer and essentially abandoned the court saying he was going to issue a warrant for his arrest because Brandon did not turn up to court. Good job Robert!!!
The police kept coming over to serve warrants and all sorts of things, which were never delivered because Carolyn would pull out Courtesy Notice and ask them their names which she would promptly see them go back into their cars and leave. No matter, Carolyn would send them via mail.
After a few weeks of this, some started getting invoices like the Clerk at the Desk at the court and the Magistrate.
Today, they went the court because the Magistrate was going to hear the matter. Carolyn gave the Clerk at the desk, the magistrate and others another invoice and another courtesy notice.
The Clerk, as Brian and Carolyn were waiting for their names to be called and the matter to come before the magistrate, returned with an envelope and when she opened it, it was the CN’s and the invoices that she had given them earlier with a cover letter from the Senior Registrar saying that they do not recognise the CN’s nor the Invoices. Carolyn at this point was on the phone to the sheriffs office, explaining that she wanted a sheriff to attend the court to arrest an individual who was posing as a duly appointed servant of the public trying to impose a private contract that she had not agreed to. At this point, whilst she was waiting (for about 15 minutes for a sheriff to get on the phone) one turned up at the courts entrance!!!
The security guards refused to let the sheriffs in and refused to let Brian and Carolyn out to speak with them, so Carolyn went to the registrars desk and the registrar told her that the invoices are invalid and Brian heard this and replied that the invoices are recognised globally and that they had no jurisdiction over any of them and that they are liable to pay them and they will have them all arrested and charged. The registrar then handed them a document (a charge sheet) outlining that all the charges had been dropped against Brandon. At the same time, Brian could hear some of the argument/conversation with the sheriffs who were being refused entry into the courts and they were telling the security guards that they had no right to refuse them entry and were taking down their names and their details.
The registrar asked more than once about the invoices and Brian & Carolyn told them that since they had dropped all the charges and have striken the matter in writing, that they were prepared to withdraw the invoices and the fines!!! YAY Carolyn, Brian Allen & Robert Fletcher BEing & DOing

Posted by at 9:18 A

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