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Demilitarization of Japan and the World

Shinzo Abe does not speak for the people of Japan. He is in the pocket of western elite just like the American government is in the pocket of the western elite. Who are these elite? They are a handful of people that only care about money, greed, pseudo power, their own self interests. They most definitely do not care about the well being of the people of the world or the environment. This is most definite in the actions of the governments that are bought and held by these “elite”. What do we do to stop this non-violently? We boycott things that fund these “elites” and their governments. Some great examples are: stop putting your money in the stock market, stop buying things from huge corporations (buy locally), join a buy nothing group in your area, find ways to reduce consumption. Sign petitions ending unjust and immoral and freedom restricting and environment damaging actions by these corrupt governments and corporations. Join in on sit ins and non-violent protests. These things are already happening and I see it everywhere. Let’s build the momentum.




Open Your Eyes and More Importantly Open Your Heart


Found this here: http://goo.gl/mHTeM

Watch “Charlie Chaplin – Let Us All Unite” on YouTube

This music videos creator is melody sheep on YouTube. Recently YouTube removed this video from its creators channel. When such a powerful call to awaken to our true collective power as the people of this precious planet Earth is suppressed, I am called to spread it far and wide. We have had many opportunities in the past to awaken. The time period in which this Charlie Chaplin movie was made is one of those times. It is those times of awakening that have lead us to this most wonderful time of change. May our hearts be ignited. Let us all unite! In joy 🙂


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