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Heart Recognition


I read a wonderful book that talked about developing heart recognition.  Recognizing someone or something through the unique heart responses you have for each one of them.  It is subtle and profound way of perceiving. 

I am becoming more aware of these heart responses.  This is how to recognize someone and not see them with the eyes.  Absolutely recognize them.

We have not been taught this.  Perhaps we experienced this way of recognition when we were very young.  In this world we have for so long recognized people and things from our eyes, an illlusion, a mask, covering the true self that can only be fully and absolutely recognized from the heart space.

I understand that we can only truly and absolutely know Love through recognition of the heart.  Only there are judgements not possible.  We can not “love” someone just for their looks or their personality when we see them through our hearts.  It is a way to “see” past the illusions to what is absolutely real.

In Joy.


Kauilapele's Blog

Pardon that long title. Anyway, Ginger sent this to me via email, and gave her okay for posting on this blog. So here it is.

I told her I felt some people would resonate with her message. This relates to what she “got” from listening to the 1-29-13 Collective Imagination show with Lisa Harrison and company, including Heather.

Ginger lives here in Kona, I occasionally see her at Java on the Rock, and she started a Kona-Occupy-Disclosure group several months ago. She is a delightful spirit of Light. I think you will enjoy this message.


Message from Ginger, 1-31-13…

Me Ke Aloha Heather, Randall, Caleb, Lisa, D, Kauila, American Kabuki, Brian, Loie, Claudia & “mald4444”,

Since Heather forwarded my email letter to her regarding Lisa’s last show to all of you, I am taking it as an invitation to send out to all of you, what I…

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